Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

Sometimes we begin to experience great favor in our lives. Our supervisors acknowledge us, our leaders take special notice of us, and our families seem to prosper.

Soon however, it seems that the tides begin to change and the same people who used to favor us now seem to be against us. Does that sound familiar? Maybe those same people have left their position and a new replacement has arrived that doesn't remember us. Well the same thing happened in the bible. Even though Joseph experienced such great favor that he was second in command in Egypt behind the Pharaoh, and everybody in the region knew him. In fact Pharaoh even let Joseph have all the land he wanted for his family (father 11 brothers and their families !)

Not long after, Joseph died and that Pharaoh died and a new Pharaoh came on the scene who didn't recognize Joseph's family. He even sought to purposely oppress the Israelites as to intimidate them. But.... God hadn't forgotten them. Even though it seems like people had forgotten them, (the same ones who used to love them) God's view of them didn't change. After all, isn't that who Gave them the real favor anyway? God.

So I say to you, even though you seem to have fallen out of favor with man, check your true favor with God! God didn't forget Israel, in fact, that's when he decided to prepare to raise up Moses, at the very time when it seems that they had fallen out of favor with Egypt! Do you catch it? God was still at work behind the scenes.

Check your favor status with God, and see how he is at work behind the scenes of your craziness!!

Hope this encourages you...


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